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How To Lose Your Accent: Part One

This instantly downloadable, self-study Ebook will help you improve your pronunciation and perfect your English accent. It is based on the first part of our renowned Accent Reduction training program in London.

What you will learn:

The focus on this book is to retrain your muscles for perfect English speech.

It contains 6 lessons, with tests and quizes to check your understanding, professionally recorded and embedded MP3 audio files and a full introduction to our uniquely effective method.

Course Contents:

  • How to exercise your speech muscles for clear, impactful speech
  • How to retrain those speech muscles to form English easily, fluently and accurately
  • The precise pronuncation of all 12 basic vowels
  • The precise pronuncation of all the major consonants that cause difficulties for non-native speakers
  • How to link it all together in fluid, natural speech
  • How to master the rhythm of an authentic English accent

INCLUDED FREE! The Sounds Of RP English: Practice Ebook

This price also includes a copy of our comprehensive Accent Reduction Practice Ebook, ‘The Sounds of RP English’, with thousands of practical exercises, absolutely FREE!

This Ebook is the result of over a decade of research and contains the most comprehensive collection of training materials for the RP English accent available.

Every sound in RP is covered in huge detail, with words, word groups, minimal pairs, sentences and practice texts, highlighting the 1000 most common words in the language to speed your uptake, and accompanied by professionally recorded MP3 recordings of every exercise.

This is a unique and exceptionally useful resource, worth £19.95 in its own right, that we offer to you, absolutely FREE! when you purchase Part One.

What you will get in your download:

Ebook with embedded audio: Part One ‘How to Lose Your Accent’
Ebook without embedded audio: Part One ‘How to Lose Your Accent’ (to use with iPhone/iPad)
MP3 Audio files: Part One ‘How to Lose Your Accent’
Ebook: Practice Book ‘The Sounds of RP English’
MP3 Audio files: Practice Book ‘The Sounds of RP English’

All this for just £19.95!

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Please note the embedded audio files require Flash to work. iOS (for iPhone and iPad) doesn’t support Flash so you will need to use the included PDF and separate audio files on these devices.

Sample Chapter

Please download a sample chapter of ‘How to Lose Your Accent’ with embedded audio

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