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Recent Projects:

  • Accent/Dialect Coach: 'The Island', by Athol Fugard, Southwark Playhouse and tour

  • Voice and Accent Coach for feature film 'Nameless', Phoenix Films

  • Founder of Accent Training Consultancy Speak Easily and author of its Accent Reduction training method, successfully used by over a thousand people. 

  • Accent/Dialect coach for Miles Jupp on  BBC 2's exploration of class and accent 'Class Dismissed'. 

Wherever people live closely together in communities over time, they develop rhythms and habits of speech that help cement the community together. As an actor, it is often our job to create characters that are embedded in communities, and therefore to become proficient in that particular way of speaking, even if it is far from our own. 

Accent training is a mixture of method and madness, the method is the careful analysis and copying of sound to ensure that there are no jarring notes. The madness is the freedom and joy we find in mimicry. You need both to truly embody a different accent. And it is always worth remembering that your main job is to tell the story, so the writer's words and the acting itself cannot be sacrificed to the accent. 

I can help you tread this path between creative authenticity and accuracy. 

As an accent coach, I can also look at your own accent, should it be standing in your way. Accent Reduction training for non-native speakers, or Accent Modification for native speakers is a valuable way to ensure you balance your sense of self with absolute clarity for the widest audience. 

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