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Learn To Speak English With A Perfect British Accent And Perform Better At Meetings, In Job Interviews, On The Phone, And In Everyday Conversation!
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If you’ve ever wanted to speak English with clarity, you’re going to want to read the rest of this page.

You’re about to discover a program that has not only helped thousands of people improve their English, but also helped hundreds get better jobs and social opportunities through their mastery of Received Pronunciation (RP English) the common term for neutral, modern, educated, British English.

Our proven Elocution lessons and Accent Reduction courses help non-native speakers of English to accurately speak with a standard British accent.

Many students have taken our accent training to soften their accent, improve their pronunciation and speak English clearly, without ever having to:

  • Repeat themselves when talking

  • Face ‘blank stares’ when trying to engage in regular conversation

  • Give complicated explanations about where they are from


Our clients have learned to speak English with perfect clarity, mastering received pronunciation and reaping the benefits in their careers and personal lives.

If you want to speak more clearly, be taken seriously or want to stop having to repeat yourself, join us on one of our group courses or work privately with our expert coaches now.

“…you showed a huge amount of patience and paid attention to every single word I said”

"Our training together exceeded my expectations. I am so thankful to you that you showed a huge amount of patience and paid attention to every single word I said. The biggest benefit is that I don’t have to repeat things to my listeners. About 95% they understand me clearly; very rarely I have to repeat things. And I don’t think that it’s the accent any more, I think it’s the language itself. You pay attention to every single detail, also you work very closely and give full attention to your students. I would say 5 out of 5!”

Sohail Choudry, Pakistan, Senior IT Consultant.


Many individuals can benefit from training in Received Pronunciation, the global standard in UK English Pronunciation. Our program is likely to be of particular benefit to you if:

Our program is likely to be of particular benefit to you if:


You are a fluent non-native English speaker, whose accent is strongly influenced by another language

You speak English with an African or South Asian dialect

You live and work in the UK

You live outside of the UK but work with UK clients frequently, perhaps on the phone

You want to speak with a British accent, for whatever personal reason you may have

You speak UK, US, Australian or New Zealand English, and want to refine or change your accent

In short, if you’ve ever wanted to reduce your accent and express yourself with subtlety and impact, our elocution lessons and accent reduction training are for you.


Our accent coaches have a highly practical approach to accent training.
All of our courses, whether private tuition, group classes or online, focus on the following areas:

Speech Muscle Training

Every language/accent requires a specific facial posture and range of movement of the speech muscles. You need to adapt yours in order to change your accent. Speech muscle training helps you to do just that.

Our 5-Point Articulation Workout has been expertly designed to rapidly retrain your speech muscles for RP English.

This means you will be speaking RP English faster, easier and more naturally.

Vowels And Consonants

In RP English there are 20 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds. You need to pronounce these correctly to be understood properly. Our elocution lessons show you EXACTLY how to enunciate every vowel and consonant, leaving nothing unclear or ambiguous in your speech.

Stress And Intonation

English has a very precise system of rhythm and tune. This has to be accurate for your speech to be clear. But also if you are going to really get your message across, with subtlety.

Our unique and simple system (The 4 Levels of Stress) allows you to quickly and accurately reproduce RP’s complex rhythm and emphasis patterns.

This immediately makes your speech clearer and more impactful. It also puts you in control of subtler ways to communicate in RP English.

Phonetics And Spelling Rules

There is a massive difference between what you see and what you say in English. For example the 20 vowel sounds have only 5 letters, A E I O U, to represent them.

Following the spelling is one of the biggest reasons why people mispronounce words.

At Speak Easily, we teach you to separate the written letters from the accurate spoken sound, so you pronounce every word with a perfect British accent.

Learn The Secrets Used By Top Actors, TV Presenters, And Public Speakers!

Changing your accent is a practical skill. When you’re focused on what you’re talking about, you don’t have time to think about dozens of pronunciation rules.

That’s why our teaching method focuses on building new physical habits, NOT rote memorization of textbook guidelines.

And why we use MA-qualified, practically-skilled voice and accent coaches, the people Hollywood actors turn to when they need to change their accent.

From teachers to preachers, business leaders to bankers, solicitors to secretaries, anyone can change how they speak quickly, easily and enjoyably.


Our Accent Reduction courses are based on a unique process organised into 12 lessons.

This one of a kind practical approach means that you can improve your British accent to the level you need, at the pace you want. You can choose to take Part One and Part Two together, or take a pause between the sections. And our coaches are available for private sessions to perfect your accent thereafter.




In Part One (English Pronunciation And Elocution)

You’ll concentrate on speech clarity and re-training your speech muscles to accurately pronounce the vowels and consonants of RP English. This will make the biggest single difference to your accent in the shortest possible time. You’ll also learn about phonetics and be introduced to stress and intonation. Your speech will be clearer, and English speech sounds will be easier to make.

In Part Two (Stress And Intonation)

You’ll master the stress and intonation system of RP English for more subtle spoken English. You will also cover the remainder of the 20 vowels of RP English, the 8 diphthongs. Lastly, to make your communication smooth and accurate, this course looks at word endings and linking.

Advanced (Total Speech Confidence)

After you complete Parts 1 and 2, we offer private tuition for you to really hone your skills. You’ll aim for fluency, confidence and boldness with your speech. You’ll look at how to layer up and master everything you have learnt so far in effective, accurate and natural speech. We leave the written word behind and work with role-play, real-life challenges, social situations and games to increase your accent accuracy.


Can I change my accent?

Yes, with time and practice, our clients have huge success in changing their accents. Some manage to completely lose their accent altogether, while some just want to speak more clearly in English. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how long you have been speaking English or living in Britain, with Speak Easily’s help you’ll be capable of reducing your accent. How much you can change depends on a few different factors, as with any new skill: some people just have more natural ability than others and find it easier; people who practice daily make greater and faster changes; if you continue practicing over a long time period, your new speech will become a habit and you’ll do it without thinking.

How can I change my accent?

Well, it’s an odd thing, but in reality you are going to lose your accent by learning another one. To reduce or soften your current accent, you simply re-train your speech sounds when speaking English until they sound more like the sounds we use for RP English. If you achieve this a little, then you will have softened your accent: you may still have some of the elements of your original accent, but you will be closer to standard English and therefore a little easier for British, and other non-native people to understand. If you achieve this completely, you will start to sound like an English person who naturally speaks RP!

How long will it take to change my accent?

Remember, you’ve been speaking the way you do since childhood, so it won’t be an instant fix. We’ll focus the work on what will make the most dramatic improvement first. If you practice at home and apply what you learn in daily communications you will start to make small changes straight away and after several months you should make significant changes that stay with you the rest of your life.

Why do you have mixed language groups, not accent specific groups?

Because it works better! We used to run language-specific groups alongside our mixed groups and our mixed groups always did better. We think the reason for this is four-fold. 1. Firstly, languages that are geographically close are not necessarily all that similar when it comes to the individual habits of speakers. Our coaches are highly skilled and will teach you as an individual, focusing on the very precise changes you personally need to make. 2. Secondly, it is important to break out of your comfort zone and be challenged to hear and produce sounds that are completely unfamiliar to you. The presence of many other students with the same or a similar accent to you can actually encourage you not to change, and to stay with what you are already doing. 3. Thirdly, exposure to all the different language systems in a mixed group is very educational. You begin to understand that your original language is not ‘how languages work’, but in fact just how one language works, yours. 4. Lastly, you are all learning the same accent and the major target sounds and details of the RP English accent are the same for everyone Also, it is very enjoyable to meet such a wide range of people and that good energy speeds the work on.

Who are the coaches?

Every one of Speak Easily’s coaches has a Masters degree in Voice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, the world’s leading qualification for voice and accent coaches. When Hollywood, stage and TV actors need to change their accent, they only work with voice and accent coaches. MA qualified voice and accent coaches are the only people with the full range of technical, academic and practical skills to ensure easy and permanent accent change. They have an advanced knowledge of phonetics and how it applies to 100s of different accents, including your own. They have extraordinary ‘ears’ for accents, and the ability to transform what they hear you do into precise, practical instructions to help you change it. They will help you move speech muscles you didn’t even know that you had!


I wanted an accent that is almost as good as BBC newscasters, which was of course a long shot at the time. However now people tell me I have a nice BBC voice! I am over the moon! The experience was excellent, a perfect 10!



Just a quick e-mail to thank you again for your very professional and enjoyable lessons. It was by far the best course I’ve ever attended! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course.



My English husband is very impressed and wants to pay for the second level. He could not believe I could improve so dramatically.





Maximum 8 people



£295 for Part One = 14 hours

£295 for Part Two = 14 hours

£500 for Parts One and Two booked together. A saving of £90. 


Group classes take place in Central London venues. 


Our 6-week courses take place on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings. We also run Intensive weekend courses.


Any of our training courses can be arranged privately for groups and individuals.


       A full-colour PDF Course EBook with embedded audio
       A full-colour PDF 100-page accent Practice EBook
       Accompanying audio materials recorded by professional actors
       Accompanying video support materials recorded by professional actors
       A certificate of completion
       Before and after recordings so you can track your progress

Alternatively, you can opt for


Every course is individually tailored to your exact needs and aims. Your teacher will create a bespoke program of study, based on your current accent, what you want to change it to (we can also provide accent reduction to American or other accents), and your budget.


We can also offer our training online via Zoom. With an adequate broadband connection, online training can be very effective for accent training and we train clients all over the world in this way.


Our full Accent Reduction training course is also available in a handy Ebook form for self-study. Part One and Part Two along with our Practice Book, complete with hundreds of practice exercises and professionally recorded and embedded audio, costs just £29.95.

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Accent training isn’t just for those who speak English as a second language
Many individuals born in the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand can benefit from training in received pronunciation. Benefits to native English speakers include:

Clearer speech and improved public speaking skills
Avoiding unfair judgements caused by how you speak
Fitting in seamlessly with work or social environment
Taking control of the impression you create

Accent softening with our coaches will allow you to gain control of your speech and feel confident in all situations. To inquire about Speak Easily native accent training, email us or click the private tuition or Skype signup button below. Please note we only offer private tuition for native speakers as the work needs such precise tailoring to the individual.


Our courses are sellouts, here is why:


Central London location
A proven system that has already helped over 1000 satisfied clients
MA qualified specialist voice and accent coaches
Group sizes of just 8 people
A 3-part course structure so you can continue to perfect your accent to the level you want
Mixed nationality groups to challenge your ear and ensure you move out of your accent ‘comfort zone’
Reductions on our private tuition after the course


If you’ve ever wanted to speak perfect RP English, now is your chance. Click the link below to book on our courses today!