I had the pleasure of having Morwenna Rowe in several of my workshops. I was astonished by the profound effect she had on actors. In a matter of minutes, resistances and blocks were dissolved and the actors were working with free flowing instruments. What seems like magic is clearly founded on very precise technical knowledge, but also on a healing and supportive presence that enables actors to let go and experience themselves physically, emotionally and vocally on a new and more alive level. I now urge all my students to work with her and feel I could recommend her work to anyone seeking to free their instrument as a performer

Bob McAndrew

Former Head of Talent, Paramount and 20th Century Fox Studios

Morwenna is the voice coach you wish for – a professional with much experience and knowledge, her teaching is thorough and always to the very point. More so, she is a person one appreciates to be with, her sense of humour and her insight into human nature make her simply perfect.

Roswitha Gerlitz

Theatre Director

The workshop with Morwenna Rowe was powerful, full of practical exercises and of excellent quality. Just amazing! One of the best workshop I ever attended on voice and movement... This was brilliant and it gave me a big boost for all my projects. I have gained confidence, enthusiasm and joy.

Caroline Lena Olsson

Actress, West End and Broadway

I would like to say thank you for the fantastic workshop on personal presence and the power of voice and communication. The Fellows absolutely loved the course and have mentioned that it is among the most useful workshops they have ever attended

Dean and Fellows

The World Economic Forum, Geneva

I always dreamed of speaking English without an accent, or almost without one. I met Morwenna thanks to an advert in a newspaper and in several months my dream became reality. Despite my age (I am retired), and thanks to her precise, methodical teaching, I have been able to achieve a great mastery of my vocal apparatus and to overcome the major difficulties in the pronunciation of English. My English friends found it a pity I had lost my French accent, so sexy! I didn’t listen to them and I am delighted

Charlie Sitbon

Retired Managing Director, Paris

Our training together exceeded my expectations. I am so thankful to you that you showed a huge amount of patience and paid attention to every single word I said. The biggest benefit is that I don’t have to repeat things to my listeners. About 95% they understand me clearly; very rarely I have to repeat things. And I don’t think that it’s the accent any more, I think it’s the language itself. You pay attention to every single detail, also you work very closely and give full attention to your students. I would say 5 out of 5!

Sohail Choudr


Great. A fear was to have dull advice on projecting voice and PPT, but this really delivered in terms of practical exercises

Very positive and useful. Excellent teaching. I especially liked Morwenna's enthusiasm combined with very concrete and specific suggestions

Was an excellent experience. It was very hands on! Really enjoyed it. Felt that we were in the hands of experts

Participants Public Speaking Workshop

City University, London

The class exceeded my expectation. I wanted an accent that is almost as good as BBC newscasters, which was of course a long shot at the time. However now people tell me I have a nice BBC voice! I am over the moon! The experience was excellent, a perfect 10!

Gowsia Hyder

Business Owner

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British Broadcasting Corporation 

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Past work includes coaching individuals and providing training programmes for the following organisations: 

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