Our  Voice and Public Speaking courses and private coaching have helped 100s of people to gain confidence and impact.

Be confident in your voice, feel authentic when you speak, and communicate with boldness, imagination and impact. We will help you develop your physical and vocal presence in every aspect of your life and work. 
Success Assured!

If you have concerns about the quality or impact of your voice, or your ability to speak in public, you’re going to want to read on. Here at Speak Easily, you've found specialists in voice, physicality, performance and storytelling who have helped hundreds of people to develop their personal impact, and therefore get better jobs and social opportunities through their improved confidence, presence and clarity. 

Our proven Voice Training, Public Speaking, and Storytelling courses help all kinds of speakers to develop stronger and more resonant voices, to have a more open and confident physicality, and to create clearer, more compelling storytelling and presentations. 

Many students have taken our training to strengthen or open their voice, improve their posture, and speak and present more clearly, without ever having to:

  • Repeat themselves or strain to be heard

  • Face ‘blank stares’ when giving presentations that are falling flat

  • Feel self-conscious about the sound of their voice


​Our clients have learned to speak with their most authentic and healthy voice, and to enjoy the process of speaking in public without fear.

If you want to feel sure of your voice, be taken seriously, or be great at public presentations, join us on one of our group courses or work privately with our expert coaches now.

“…The teaching was excellent. Insightful, informative, relevant and adapted to each of our needs

"I just wanted to say how fabulous the Vocal Confidence Workshop was last weekend. I felt that I benefited enormously and the coach was fantastic. The teaching was excellent. Insightful, informative, relevant and adapted to each of our needs so that we all go the most out of the course. The workshop has been indispensable”

E. Williams, London


Many individuals can benefit from training in voice, body language, public speaking and storytelling. Our program is likely to be of particular benefit to you if:

The teaching was excellent. Insightful, informative, relevant and adapted to each of our needs

You worry that your voice doesn't accurately reflect who you are

You frequently lose your voice or find it hard to be heard

You have a terror of public speaking

You feel alright about speaking in public but feel there is more to know to be really great at it

You have a speech coming up and have no idea how to prepare

You have been given feedback that your voice and physical confidence is holding you back

In short, if you’ve ever wanted to reach your full potential vocally, physically, and in speech writing and delivery, our courses will help you.


Our coaches have a highly practical approach to training.
All of our courses, whether private tuition or group classes, focus on the following areas, which are always adapted to reflect your precise needs:

Speech Muscle Training

Many issues regarding impact when you speak can be about tension and inhibition in the muscles of speech. Our five-point articulation plan exercises these muscles, allowing for greater verbal energy and a reduction in vocal strain, mumbling, and even self-consciousness. 

This means you will soon easily be speaking with greater impact and clarity.

Breath and Posture

If the speech muscles are moving clearly and with energy, some of the pressure is taken off simply being loud enough, as your words will already be heard more clearly. However, there is often still great benefit to be had from exploring the breathing system and its connection to posture and voice. 

Our voice training will allow to discover a truly healthy and centred breath, and to understand and unpick unnecessary tensions in the body which inhibit this. The vocal result is clearer, more vibrant tone. But you will also feel and look more relaxed.  

Story and Structure

We are hard-wired for storytelling and engage most readily with speakers who use imagery, concrete examples, and a strong sense of rhythm and plot. Bringing skills from storytelling to any public speaking situation makes you more engaging as a speaker, and makes your argument clearer and more compelling.

Our voice and text coaches are supremely skilled at bringing out the full impact of the spoken word, and helping you to choose your words to inspire your audience. 

When you are really saying what you want to say, nerves and inhibitions fall away and you are able to focus, as you should, on your audience.

Engaged and Engaging Delivery

It is in the moment of speech that everything comes together. We can inhibit our full range of physical and vocal expressivity, and our coaches will help you liberate this. However, we always work with who you are and look for your best communication. We will stretch you and challenge your limits, but never ask you to ape someone else. Our training will always look to free your unique voice and style. 

Learn The Secrets Used By Top Actors, TV Presenters, And Public Speakers!

Voice training is a practical skill. When you’re focused on what you’re talking about, you don’t have time to think about dozens of physical changes.

That’s why our teaching method focuses on building new physical habits and developing your sense of freedom, NOT on the imposition of tricks and stylistic devices that are easily seen through as inauthentic.

And this is why we use MA-qualified, practically-skilled voice and performance coaches, the people actors turn to when they need to develop their vocal skills.

From teachers to preachers, business leaders to bankers, solicitors to secretaries, anyone can change how they speak quickly, easily and enjoyably.


Our Vocal Confidence courses and coaching are based on skills usually only found inside elite drama training conservatoires.


Our Public Speaking and Storytelling courses and coaching are based on a unique process that has been successfully employed by CEOs and leading NGOs across Europe. 

Voice Training and Elocution

Our Vocal Confidence course looks at all the basic components of strong, authentic and healthy speech. We will help you to free your breathing system, connect that with a freely produced vocal sound, and speak with clarity, tunefulness and resonance. The result will be a freer and more attractive voice, but you'll also have the knowledge to continue to develop your vocal skills. 

Public Speaking and Body Language (Part One)

Public speaking is a skill that is demanded to some extent in all walks of life, and yet for many it remains a fear, sometimes equal to serious life events! We demystify the process of creating a clear, compelling argument, using memorable examples and words, and presenting with confidence and clarity. Speaking in public is definitely a skill that can be developed and improved. 

Storytelling and Speech Writing (Part Two)

Underlying all great public speaking are the skills of storytelling and rhetoric (the art of persuasion). This workshop takes these skills of rhythm, plot, suspense, image and expressivity and encourages you to develop them way beyond your current limits. This course can be taken as a stand-alone course, or as a more advanced development from our Public Speaking Part One. 


I just wanted to say how fabulous the Vocal Confidence Workshop was last weekend. I felt that I benefited enormously and the coach was fantastic. The teaching was excellent. Insightful, informative, relevant and adapted to each of our needs so that we all go the most out of the course. The workshop has been indispensable

E. Williams

Vocal Confidence

The course has been tremendously helpful to me. It provided me with the awareness of my voice and with the practice exercises and the feedback, I achieved a significant improvement. The coach has deep knowledge of the material she is teaching.


Vocal Confidence

It has been wonderful. Tutors are as friendly and supportive as they can be, and can really point out weakness and room for improvement very efficiently and deliver solutions effectively. Fun. Informative. Helpful. Effective.

Dr. PG

Public Speaking



Maximum 8 people



£355 for 1 course = 14 hours

£600 for 2 courses = 28 hours

£800 for 3 courses = 42 hours


The three courses can be taken as stand alone, or all together, in any order.


Group classes take place in Central London venues. 


We run Intensive weekend courses. in Vocal Confidence, Public Speaking, and Storytelling every month.


Any of our training courses can be arranged privately for groups and individuals.


       A full-colour PDF Course EBook with embedded audio
       Worksheets for continued home practice
       A certificate of completion
       Before and after recordings so you can track your progress

Alternatively, you can opt for


Every course is individually tailored to your exact needs and aims. Your teacher will create a bespoke program of study, based on your precise situation; what you want to change, what you need to prepare, and your budget.


Our full Accent Reduction training course is also available in a handy Ebook form for self-study. Part One and Part Two along with our Practice Book, complete with hundreds of practice exercises and professionally recorded and embedded audio, costs just £29.95.


Our courses are sellouts, here is why:


Central London location
A proven training that has already helped 100s of satisfied clients
MA qualified specialist voice and accent coaches
Group sizes of just 8 people
A 3-part course structure so you can develop a whole range of appropriate skills, or focus on just one
Reductions on our private tuition after the course


If you’ve ever wanted to speak with more confidence and impact, now is your chance. Click the link below to book on our courses today!